Beyond all expectations…

I was diagnosed a quadriplegic in January of 2002 from a freak fall at home that broke my neck and left me with a damaged spinal cord. Although my doctors said that I would remain paralyzed from my shoulders down, I have regained remarkable mobility beyond all medical expectations. Motivated by the need to raise my two-year-old son, I was driven to regain all function and independence possible. I believe my significant recovery is due to hard work, much physical therapy and many answered prayers.

For the decade following my injury, I enjoyed a successful career as a professional civil/environmental engineer. After learning my son and I are going blind due to an incurable retina disease, followed by major management changes at work, I decided my time would be better spent as an advocate for people with disabilities. I am now a strong advocate and educator on the subject of disabilities as well as a professional author of wheelchair accessible travel articles.

I have a unique and unusual life story. I want to share my life experiences through my writing and speaking, with the hope to encourage and inspire others.