We made our way on the public buses from our hotel to old University Plaza, Mozart plaza and Residence Plaza. Lots of beautiful old buildings in the area (One date we saw  on a monastery  was 1523) and wheeling was mostly easy. I was surprised because I thought Salzburg would be really difficult. So far it’s been great. We saw Saint Peters Church where Mozart was baptized, just the outside. And shopped around the plaza market places. Lots of things to see like statues, fountains etc. Very friendly people.

Our second day we drove to a small town about 30 minutes away to catch a bus up to the Eaglesnest. Because it was raining, visibility  was not good so the beautiful vistas in the Alps I was hoping to see were obscured.But it was well worth going anyway. About 50% of the Eaglesnest was wheelchair accessible. The people were very helpful in making sure I had access to everything that I could possibly have.