Vindolanda Roman ruins— archaeological dig

Lilly at Hadrians Wall

Lilly at Hadrians Wall

Hexham Abby

Today we started out in Hexham.  I slept well at the Beaumont Hotel. Nicely wheelchair accessible, big bathroom with lots of grab bars, shower bench setup is good, plenty of space around the beds, older building so windy route to room and narrow elevator. Carpets are more plush than is easy in a wheelchair but still works. Front desk person helps put portable ramps out front to enter hotel but it’s not that steep and works fine.

We went to both Vindolanda museum  and the Roman Army Museum. Vindalanda Is the name of an old Roman fort and an archaeological dig that is nearby. It’s only 2 miles away from Hadrian’s Wall. It was a delight to see all of this. Both museums are nicely wheelchair accessible with accessible bathrooms and well lit. I especially liked the archaeological area of Vindolanda and was able to roll out right in front of the 2000 year old foundations  that were uncovered. We drove a few miles from there to Steel Rigg  parking area where I was able to wheel through a gate between two sheep pastures (sheep are everywhere in this area) and get to a section of Hadrian’s Wall. So cool!

Food: Rising café, a few doors down from the Beaumont hotel, had a very nice breakfast that was reasonably priced. They had a permanent, easy to wheel ramp at the entrance. The spacing between tables was great, the height of the table was great, nicely wheelchair accessible restroom. Very friendly staff.

For dinner, we ate at Saathi Indian restaurant. Great food, great atmosphere, reasonable prices and nicely wheelchair accessible with wheelchair accessible restroom.