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A great way to know if something is truly wheelchair accessible is to learn—firsthand—from a wheelchair user who has been there. This is what I offer in this travel guide.

I am C5-6 quadriplegic, and over the years, I have been to many wonderful vacation spots and sights throughout the world, starting with my home in Washington State. I have documented and collected information describing the beauty, the ambience—and most importantly—I have verified the wheelchair accessibility—of over 100 sites around the Evergreen State. In this guide, I include lovely towns, worthy wheelchair accessible trails and walks, and recommended parks, cultural centers, landmarks and museums. I also make sure to include locations of ADA restrooms along the way. My perspective is from my power wheelchair for these excursions.

In planning my trips, I typically choose a charming small town or scenic national park or other intriguing destination, then I fill in nearby wheelchair-friendly activities, hikes and things to do. I have found so many delightful, nicely accessible adventures in Washington State that I decided to write this guide to share the bounty with other wheelchair users who don’t necessarily want to do all the required research.


I hope this guide encourages wheelchair users to get out and about and enjoy more of what life has to offer without having to be concerned if the destinations will really be wheelchair accessible once you get there. Happy trails to you!